The Importance of Conducting Local Research and Building a Community of Practice for Developmental Education Professionals

In the first of a series of blogs from developmental educators, Katheryn McCoskey of Butler Community College writes about the need for educators to keep up with research on their field and study their local circumstances to improve outcomes for students.

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A Florida Developmental Education Reform Is Leading to Greater Success and Equity

In 2013, the Florida legislature passed a law eliminating placement test requirements for high school students and allowing them to decide whether they wanted to enroll in developmental education courses. This blog post describes research findings related to the reform, which indicate it has improved equity outcomes and accelerated student progress.

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Three Compatible Reforms for Increasing College Success: Corequisite Math Remediation, Dana Center Mathematics Pathways, and Guided Pathways

Alexandra Logue, a research professor at the City University of New York, discusses three curricular innovations taking place at community colleges and how they can be used together to provide comprehensive reform that maximizes student success.

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