CAPR: A Center for Developmental Education Research

CAPR researches, evaluates, and disseminates information on reforms to developmental education that are taking hold at open-access colleges around the U.S. Our current studies include:

  • A synthesis of current research on effective developmental education reform
  • Two studies of multiple measures placement
  • A long-term follow-up study on math pathways
  • A study of equitable corequisite course design

Reports and summaries are available from our previous studies, which include a survey of the national landscape of developmental education, and research on math pathways, multiple measures placement, summer bridge programs, and computerized math remediation.

Of students who started at two-year public colleges in 2013–14, 60% took one or more remedial courses within three years.
At public two-year colleges, Black and Hispanic students take remedial courses at a rate more than 10 points higher than White students.
Nearly all community colleges used standardized placement exams in 2016. More than half also used other measures for placement.
A multiple measures algorithm used in a CAPR study resulted in changed placements for 26% of math students and 51% of English students.
Corequisite remediation allows more students to pass gateway math and English.
A quarter of students in alternative math pathways pass college-level math, compared with 19% assigned to standard developmental math.
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