Research Projects

CAPR is conducting three major studies and two supplemental studies to provide a foundation for more comprehensive developmental education and college readiness innovation.


College students raising their hands in a lecture hall

National Study of Developmental Education Policies and Practices

To learn how colleges and systems are approaching developmental programs and reforms, CAPR is conducting a nationally representative survey of two- and four-year colleges, as well as qualitative interviews.

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College students taking a standardized test

Evaluation of Alternative Placement Systems and Student Outcomes

CAPR is conducting a random assignment study of a placement method relying on multiple measures of students’ readiness for college-level courses, including high school grade point average.

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Teacher calling on students in class

Evaluation of Developmental Math Pathways and Student Outcomes

CAPR is assessing an alternative model of developmental math that shortens students’ time in remediation, tailors content to career and academic paths, and uses more engaging curriculum and instruction.

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Students exploring college campus in the summer

Evaluation of Early Start Developmental Education Policy

CAPR is studying the Early Start policy at the California State University (CSU) system, which aims to have students enter their first year of college having met their developmental needs in the summer before their freshman year.

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Students in a computer classroom

Exploration of the Use of Learning Technologies in Developmental Math

CAPR is exploring implementation and outcomes of the Emporium Model of developmental math, which replaces traditional lectures with interactive instructional software and personalized assistance.

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