Planning Your MMA System

This section provides tools to help you design your new MMA system, plan for changes to roles and processes, and communicate the changes to staff and students. Start with the Implementation Action Plan Template, which gives you and your MMA planning team a place to document decisions about your planning process and the details of implementation. 

The action plan template will prompt you to use the other tools in this section: Designing Your MMA Placement System explains the assessment measures that can be used and how they can be combined in different types of MMA placement systems. The video and slides on Implementation Process Mapping can assist you in identifying how processes and roles will change under a new MMA system. The Informing Students Memo provides guidance for communicating with students about their placement.

State Policy on Assessment and Placement

Before planning your MMA system, check your state’s policies on assessment and placement. The Education Commission of the States has gathered information on policies and legislation in all 50 states to get you started.

Tools for Planning Your MMA System

Staff and faculty in meeting

Planning Template

Implementation Action Plan Template

A step-by-step guide for planning the implementation of your new MMA system.

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Design Guide

Designing Your MMA Placement System

A detailed guide that explains the possible measures to include in your MMA system and various design options.

Video and Slide Deck

MMA Implementation Process Mapping

An introduction to process mapping, a tool to think through how roles and processes will change across the college. Download the slides.

Female student sitting and talking with her advisor.

Guidance Memo

Informing Students About Their Placement

Guidance on effective student placement reports and post-assessment advising sessions.

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