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Developmental Mathematics Reforms Can Be Enhanced by Improved Teaching: A New Study Shows How Lesson Study Can Help

November 3, 2021|Tags: , |

There is an urgent need to support faculty to meaningfully change their teaching practice, but few professional development models in higher education have been shown to successfully do so. To fill the gap, this post describes efforts to adapt lesson study, a professional development approach used in K-12, for use in developmental mathematics in college.


Students Are Ready. We Need to Recognize It.

August 12, 2021|Tags: , |

Placement tests relegate students who could succeed in college-level courses to remedial classes, impeding their progress toward a community college credential. This blog post argues that it's time to recognize the hard work incoming students have already put in and place everyone in college-level courses.


Reforming Developmental Education Reforms

June 15, 2021|Tags: |

To close persistent racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps, structural changes to developmental education should be combined with strategies that address engagement between students and their instructors.

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