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CAPR Presentations

Upcoming Events

Exploring Corequisite Implementation in the CUNY System

April 18–20, 2024 | 65th Annual CSCC Conference

This presentation provides insights into the implementation of corequisite models in English and math courses across seven CUNY colleges, and discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by faculty, staff and administrators while scaling corequisite courses.

Past Events

ASHE General Conference 2023

November 15–18, 2023 | ASHE General Conference

In this interactive paper session, Elizabeth Kopko and Hollie Daniels examine the state of developmental (aka, remedial) education policy and aim to understand its effects on college success for marginalized students.

Multiple Measures Assessment and Placement: Getting Started

April 8, 2021 | Complete College America Live

In this presentation, Elisabeth Barnett gave an introduction to multiple measures assessment, including information on its prevalence, the main types and design choices, and some findings from CAPR's research with State University of New York colleges.

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