Access to Success: Insights and Strategies in Implementing Multiple Measures Assessment

In recent years, MMA has gained considerable traction across the United States. In California, for example, community colleges are required to use high school performance data when placing students. Meanwhile, Florida has approached placement reform by permitting–rather than requiring–colleges to use alternative measures. The COVID-19 pandemic upended traditional placement practices with the inability to safely offer standardized tests. This further motivated a shift towards alternative placement practices – often with limited evidence about implementation and placement best practices. Moreover, many faculty and staff do not fully trust MMA as an effective practice or are resistant to the changes associated with implementation of the reform.

Recognizing these issues, CAPR, with support from Ascendium Education Group, are assisting colleges and states nationwide in the adoption and implementation of MMA practices that place more students, and allow more students to be successful, in college-level courses. This presentation summarizes insights derived from this work, focusing on the adoption of multiple measures assessment in open-access colleges in Arkansas and Texas. During the presentation, researchers will present cost analysis findings, explore supporting factors for implementation, and delve into specific strategies used by colleges to tackle common implementation challenges.


Elizabeth Kopko, Community College Research Center and CAPR

Dan Cullinan, MDRC and CAPR

Date and Time:



Pittsburgh, PA


Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square | Room TBA