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CAPR Presentations

Student Assessment and Placement Using Multiple Measures

September 27, 2018 | New Jersey Council of Community College's College Readiness Now Leadership meeting.

The presentation focused on different ways colleges are creating multiple measures assessment models and included the results from research underway in seven SUNY colleges that indicates the promise of this approach.

Developmental Education Reform: Early Findings From CAPR

April 29, 2018 | American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Annual Convention

This session explored current practices and innovations in developmental education, especially using multiple measures for placement and math pathways to align math to programs of study.

Student Assessment and Placement Systems: Initial Outcomes From an RCT

March 20, 2018 | League for Innovation in the Community College Annual Conference

This presentation discussed the need to change assessment and placement practices, shared information on an alternative strategy based on data analytics, and reported initial results from a randomized control trial testing this alternative mechanism.

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