CAPR Research Extended with Additional Grants from IES, Other Funders

Students carry backpacks on campus
Recognizing the valuable work of CAPR, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and other funders have awarded additional grants to extend the center through at least 2023.

A follow-up award from IES will allow CAPR to collect longer-term data on students who participated in two of CAPR’s major original projects, experimental studies of Dana Center Mathematics Pathways in Texas and multiple measures assessment in New York. A new IES grant is funding a synthesis of research on developmental education to inform colleges about what works and what doesn’t, explore evidence on how to close equity gaps, and lay the groundwork for the next generation of research.

In addition to the IES funding, the Education Commission of the States is supporting an examination of college leaders’ perspectives on the current status of developmental reform and challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. CAPR is also producing a series of graphical briefs of CAPR findings with Strong Start to Finish.

CAPR was initially funded in 2014 as a five-year IES research and development center. With three major and two supplemental studies examining the sweep of reforms to developmental education, CAPR has developed into a national hub for reform discussions and a connection point for researchers, reform organizations, and colleges across the country. The additional funding will allow CAPR to continue to build evidence around the best approaches for helping underprepared students.