Multiple Measures Assessment and Corequisite Courses: Alternate Ways to Place and Prepare New College Students

Sophie Litschwartz, Dan Cullinan & Vivianna Plancarte | November 2023

This brief describes evidence showing that multiple measures assessment and corequisite remediation can improve outcomes for students assessed as needing remedial education, explains both practices, discusses surveys showing they are increasing nationally, and introduces a study on how they can work together.

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Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Long-Term Follow-Up Cost Analysis

Dan Cullinan | November 2023

This brief is part of a follow-up study that reports on longer-term student outcomes and provides additional cost data analysis from the five years of follow-up research. It also compares costs to cumulative academic outcomes, providing estimates of cost effectiveness. A supplement to the brief breaks down the costs into categories.

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Lessons from the Dana Center’s Corequisite Research Design Collaborative Study

By Oscar Cerna, Vivianna Plancarte, Julia Raufman, Jorge Mahecha-Rodriguez, with Ellen Wasserman | September 2023

This research brief and supplement highlight findings on the design and implementation of corequisite courses at four colleges, as well as findings from a survey administered to students who were enrolled in these courses in fall 2021 and spring 2022.

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Five Principles for Reforming Developmental Education: A Review of the Evidence

Susan Bickerstaff, Katie Beal, Julia Raufman, Erika B. Lewy, and Austin Slaughter | October 2022

In a review of impact and implementation studies from the past ten years, this CAPR report summarizes what is known about how innovations to developmental education can improve student outcomes, and it draws out five principles that are key for reform.

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Reviewing the Research on Informed Self-Placement: Practices, Justifications, Outcomes, and Limitations

By Tiffany Morton | June 2022

This brief reviews the existing research on informed self-placement (ISP). It discusses the processes and methods used to implement ISP as well as justifications for its use, provides an overview of the available data about how students behave and perform when ISP is used, and makes recommendations for future study.

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