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Study Provides More Evidence for Expanding Access to College-Level Courses

A long-term study of an alternative approach to determining if community college students need developmental (also called remedial) courses has found that this approach allows many more students to succeed in their college-level math and English courses, part of the puzzle to bolstering the overall success of community college students.

October 24, 2023|

Study Finds More ‘Remedial’ Students Should Take College-Level Courses

A new CAPR study found that combining standardized placement test results with high school GPA and other measures—called multiple measures assessment—allowed more students to go straight into college-level courses, and researchers found that those students did better than similar students left behind.

October 21, 2020|

National Survey of Two- and Four-Year Colleges Shows Rise in Developmental Education Reform, Yet New Practices Typically Reach Less Than Half of Students

A new CAPR report describes findings from a national survey of two- and four-year colleges. Researchers found developmental education reform has accelerated, with a notable 30-percentage-point increase in the use of alternative assessment measures (like grade point averages), rather than only on standardized tests.

November 14, 2019|

Alternatives to Algebra Help More Students Pass College Math

Interim findings from a CAPR study of the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) model at four community colleges in Texas show that the reform is helping more students complete their remedial and college-level math requirements more quickly while learning math that will be useful throughout their lives and careers.

July 17, 2018|

CAPR Holds Second Annual Meeting

The Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness (CAPR) held its second annual meeting on March 8, 2016. CAPR researchers met with advisory board members, key personnel from CAPR research sites, and other national experts on remediation to discuss evolving changes in developmental education, the current state of research knowledge about innovative practices to improve outcomes for underprepared students, and the progress of current CAPR projects.

March 20, 2016|

CCRC and MDRC Receive $10 Million Federal Grant to Conduct Research on Innovative Approaches to Remedial Education

The Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Teachers College, Columbia University, in collaboration with social policy research organization MDRC and scholars at Stanford, U.C. Davis, and Vanderbilt, has been awarded a five-year grant of $9,951,362 from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences to create a center focused on rigorously assessing the effects of new approaches to remedial assessment, placement, and instruction.

June 14, 2014|

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