Moving Beyond the Placement Test: Multiple Measures Assessment

Students entering college are often tested in English and math to determine their readiness to undertake college-level work. Recent research indicates that the use of these placement tests as the sole measure of college readiness has resulted in large numbers of students being placed into courses that are not well matched to their needs or abilities. Many are placed into remedial coursework when they could have succeeded in college-level work. As a result, college administrators and researchers alike are focusing on alternative approaches to placement that incorporate multiple measures of college readiness to place students with greater accuracy.

This one-hour webinar featured Elisabeth A. Barnett from CCRC and Rashida Welbeck from MDRC describing what they have learned about multiple measures assessment through an exploration of college practices in four Midwestern states. In addition, participants heard from two college leaders with significant experience in developing and implementing multiple measures assessment systems.

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