Scaling Effective Strategies: Tradeoffs, Challenges, and Opportunities

Do colleges need to choose between proven interventions that may be difficult to scale and those that are more easily scaled but are less clearly effective? Panelists discussed several innovative strategies that are pushing the envelope on this problem in new directions, including behavioral interventions, instructional reforms, and programs that integrate evidence-based student support services. Panelists also presented exciting new research findings for these strategies and discuss tradeoffs and opportunities for scaling, including discussion on CAPR’s Dana Center Mathematics Pathways project.


Belinda Miles, Westchester Community College

Robert Haas, Marion Technical College

Monica M. Rodriguez, Detroit Regional Chamber

Alexander Mayer, MDRC and CAPR

Date and Time:

February 22, 2018
11:30 AM–12:30 PM


Nashville, TN


Gaylord Resort & Convention Center | Ryman Ballroom ABC