Multiple Measures Placement Using Data Analytics: An Implementation and Early Impacts Report Webinar

Because institutions often rely solely on standardized placement tests to determine students’ college readiness, many incoming community college students who could have succeeded in entry-level courses are required to take remedial math or English first. Referring these students to developmental education needlessly stalls their progress toward a degree, as they are forced to sink time and money into classes that do not earn them college credit. CAPR is studying whether combining multiple measures, including placement test results and high school GPA, into a data analytics algorithm allows colleges to more accurately predict students’ performance in college-level math and English and thus place them in the courses that will best support their progress toward a degree. This session described early results from CAPR’s experimental study of 13,000 students at seven SUNY community colleges who were randomly assigned to be placed using either standardized placement tests alone (control group) or multiple measures (program group). Early impacts results indicate students placed using multiple methods were more likely to place into and complete college-level courses in their first term.


Elisabeth Barnett, Community College Research Center and CAPR


Student Assessment and Placement Systems Using Multiple Measures


New York Student Success Center Webinar Recording

Date and Time:

November 30, 2018
1:00–2:00 PM