Multiple Measures Assessment for Placement: How It Looks in the Real World

In this session, three presenters discussed the reasons why multiple measures are being widely discussed as a way to improve incoming students’ assessment and placement. But “multiple measures” are defined in many different ways, and there are implementation challenges with some approaches to multiple measures. This session opened with a panel presentation that introduced the national discussion on this topic and then shared the experiences of two colleges that are in the process of implementation of assessment and placement using an algorithm.

During the presentation, participants were asked to enter responses to a few questions about assessment and placement practices into a short poll (using Participoll). The presenters encouraged discussion of selected topics in small groups following the opening panel and concluded with comments and take-aways from the small group conversations.


Elisabeth Barnett, Community College Research Center and CAPR

Dana Stilley, Rockland Community College

Mary Perrine, Jefferson Community College

Date and Time:

March 22, 2016
8:00–9:00 AM


Chicago, IL


Sheraton Grand Chicago | Erie, Level 2