Minority-Serving Community College Communities of Practice: Closing the Academic Achievement Gap With Math Pathways

Failing to meet remedial math requirements is a known barrier to degree completion. Elizabeth Zachry Rutschow of MDRC shared how the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways model reforms the traditional developmental math course sequence by providing math instruction most applicable to a student’s major while increasing the likelihood of success in college-level math classes. Margo Keys of Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) described CVTC’s implementation of four distinct math pathways, including the Carnegie Math Pathways (Statway and Quantway), to improve student achievement in mathematics. The presenters discussed the benefits and challenges associated with implementing alternative math pathways.


Elizabeth Zachry Rutschow, MDRC and CAPR

Margo Keys, Chippewa Valley Technical College


RTI International

Date and Time:

May 31, 2018
3:00–4:00 PM EDT