Using Evaluation to Scale a Mathematics Pathways Initiative for Student Success

Mathematics pathways are an effective structural solution to address low persistence and high failure rates in developmental and introductory college-level mathematics. In this session, researchers from MDRC and CCRC along with policy and evaluation staff from the Dana Center described how they are supporting and researching the process of implementing pathways, not just within institutions or higher education systems, but across entire states. Presenters discussed empirical findings on institution- and state-level conditions necessary to scale math pathways, challenges that emerge, and how stakeholders and the Dana Center are navigating those challenges.


Jennifer Dorsey, Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Elizabeth Zachry Rutschow, MDRC and CAPR

Octaviano Chavarín, Community College Research Center and CAPR

Date and Time:

August 9, 2017
11:45 AM–12:30 PM


Minneapolis, MN


Minneapolis Marriott City Center Hotel | Ballroom 3