Emerging Student Assessment and Placement Systems

Researchers from CCRC and MDRC are currently investigating the effects of alternative assessment and placement strategies on students’ academic performance, persistence, and progress toward college degrees using randomized control studies.

In this presentation, the presenters explained why there is a need to change assessment and placement practices, and shared information on approaches to developing and testing alternative strategies based on data analytics. Next, the presenters asked participants engage in—and discuss—a short self-assessment of the conditions at their college that would support or hinder implementation of an alternative assessment and placement system. Finally, representatives of two colleges discussed the way their institutions arrived at a decision to participate in these projects as well as their initial impressions of how the new assessment and placement systems have been experienced by college personnel and students.


Elisabeth Barnett, Community College Research Center and CAPR

Dan Cullinan, CAPR and MDRC

Andrew Nesset, Century College

Naomi Stewart, Onondaga Community College


Emerging Student Assessment and Placement Systems

Date and Time:

February 22, 2018
2:30–3:45 PM


Nashville, TN


Gaylord Resort and Convention Center | Ryman Ballroom F