Building Your Knowledge

In this section of the toolkit you will learn more about what Multiple Measures Assessment (MMA) is, how it works, and about the research evidence behind it. 

This information will help you decide if MMA is a reform you want to pursue and arm you to make the case for MMA to all of the important constituencies at your college–which is the subject of the second section of the toolkit. Let’s get started.

Group of students walking on campus.



An Introduction to Multiple Measures Assessment

An overview of multiple measures assessment and the research evidence, and a discussion of how it fits into broader developmental education reforms.


Research Brief

Lessons From Two Experimental Studies of Multiple Measures Assessment

A summary of two major studies of MMA and recommendations for reforming placement systems.

Teacher working with students in classroom.


Issue Focus

Rethinking College Course Placement During the Pandemic

Three principles for designing an MMA system to help colleges adapt their placement policies during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional Reading

Step 2: Making the Case