CAPR Multiple Measures

Welcome to CAPR’s toolkit for reforming assessment and placement at your college using multiple measures! The recommendations in this toolkit are based on rigorous studies conducted over several years that determined that multiple measures assessment and placement – or MMA – is a better model than placement based on standardized tests alone. Instead of diverting students into prerequisite developmental courses that slow them down or derail their progress, MMA allows more students to be successful in entry-level math and English courses by placing more students directly into those courses.

MMA can be used to sort students into standalone developmental or college-level courses. But in states and colleges that have implemented corequisite remediation, it can help determine if a student needs extra support or will likely be successful in the college-level course without it.

The research also tested different models of MMA and concluded that relatively simple MMA systems that give students several ways to demonstrate their readiness for college-level work can meet the needs of most colleges. The Planning section will talk you through the steps to decide on an MMA system that works for your college.

But first, go to the Build Your Knowledge section to learn more about MMA. Then, in the second section, explore how to make the case for MMA at your college. Once you’ve planned and implemented your MMA reforms, we have resources for monitoring the effects of MMA and making improvements. We have tools in each section for you to take back to your college to work with your colleagues on this exciting reform.

We hope you find these resources to be helpful. If you have questions, we’re here to help. But for now, dive in!

The Sections of the Toolkit

  1. Building Your Knowledge
  2. Making the Case
  3. Planning Your MMA System
  4. Evaluation and Improvement

We want to know how these tools are working for you. Let us know!

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