Crystal Byndloss

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Crystal Byndloss holds dual roles at MDRC. As the organization’s first director for outreach, diversity, and inclusion, she works with MDRC’s leaders, human resources, and diversity council to carry out corporate goals of diversity and inclusion. Byndloss is also a senior associate in the K-12 education policy area, and she has researched and directed initiatives to promote college access and success for low-income students for a decade. Byndloss is leading the federally funded evaluation of the New York City P-TECH Grades 9–14 school model. She has also served as lead implementation researcher on the evaluation of the SEED School of Washington, DC, and as the project director for the College Match pilot program, an intervention designed to improve the college application and selection choices made by moderate- and high-performing low-income students.

Previously, Byndloss was the director of research and analysis for Symphonic Strategies and the associate director and assistant dean for research at the College of Education at Temple University. Byndloss earned a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and a PhD in sociology from Harvard University, completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and holds an executive education certificate from the Harvard Business School. She is also a LEADERSHIP Philadelphia fellow.