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Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) is the statistics, research, and evaluation arm of the U.S. Department of Education. We are independent and non-partisan. Our mission is to provide scientific evidence on which to ground education practice and policy and to share this information in formats that are useful and accessible to educators, parents, policymakers, researchers, and the public.

Strong Start to Finish logo

Strong Start to Finish (SSTF), an initiative of Education Commission of the States, is a national initiative aimed at significantly increasing the number and proportion of low-income students, students of color, and returning adults who succeed in college math and English. We are a network of like-minded individuals and organizations from the policy, research, and practice spaces who’ve come together for one reason – to help all students, not just the select few, find success in postsecondary education.

Strong Start to Finish was created to better the chances of these students, to create a fundamental shift in the outcome of their college journey. We have networked higher education leaders, policy entrepreneurs, institutions and technical assistance providers to drive towards an outcome where all students pass their first credit-bearing English and math courses during the first year of study.